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Box Build Assembly
Circuit Solutions not only provide PCB Fabrication and PCBA services, but also offer systems integration and assembly (Box Build), including the installation of sub-assemblies and components, plastic moldings, and wire harness, to final products in the market. Our full solutions fully reduce cost and ensure quality for all the processes, from conception to end products.
Plastic Enclosures for PCB
Circuits Solutions has the essential and advanced equipment to offer full complete box build services for our customers, not only PCB manufacturing or assembly, or combination of a complicated metal frame.
Circuit Solutions has broad experience of fabricating Mechatronics based frameworks. The moving amicability of mechanical parts, electronic controls and interlocks request an exactness mechanical gathering range of abilities combined with capability in electronic integration and wiring.
Cable Assemblies
Circuit Solutions is fit for creating link gatherings from the least difficult type of a couple of wires stripped, twisted and tinned at each conclusion to extensive and complex groups of various ID checked wires and links, bound and ended on expansive military connectors, with numerous times of involvement in the field. Circuit Solutions produces, among an extensive variety of basic applications, wiring saddles for common and military flying machine including the since a long time ago settled Wire Wrap innovation.
Circuit Solutions manufactures a large vary of sub-assemblies as well as PCBs with varied brackets and fitments, chassis containing PCBs, backplane, and PSU, to exactitude machined metal components containing subtle progressive physical science.
Subsequent full system integration times and prices area unit reduced by sourcing pre-tested sub-assemblies and at Circuit Solutions there's a wealth of expertise and investment geared toward satisfying that demand.